Sales Transformation

Sales Candidate Assessments

Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment is the #1 rated sales assessment tool in the world for 9 consecutive years.

Organisations utilising the sales candidate assessment tool from Objective Management Group are putting the science behind their recruitment decisions.
They eliminate hiring mistakes and hire better salespeople and sales managers to achieve their sales growth targets consistently.
Salespeople can be very impressive in a job interview and in those situations the Sales Manager can like the candidate too much
If a Sales Manager likes a candidate, or worse still falls in love with them, they typically hire them.
This approach has cost companies massively, not just in paying someone who doesn’t perform but also lost sales, damaged reputation, team morale, sales culture and sales performance.

The independent statistics speak for themselves:

92% of recommended candidates who are hired reach the top half of the sales force within 12 months.
75% of not recommended candidates who were hired anyway failed within 6 months.

Save time and money by only interviewing the best candidates for your team.
Simplify your process for assessing, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding successful candidates.
It works so well for our clients that they never recruit without using it.
Let us know if you would like to speak with some of them and we will put you in touch, or you can check out our video testimonials below.