Sales Transformation

Sales Enablement

Selling has changed enormously in recent years. Has your business kept up with the change? If not, how much is that costing you every day?

How you sell matters now more than ever because offerings look similar to customers. The way you engage with customers is what will differentiate you and take your business to new heights. Sales teams need to elevate their game! Sales leaders need to enable them with a structured way of selling, training, tools, coaching, and continuous improvement.

We utilise the Membrain Sales Enablement CRM for teams involved in complex B2B sales. Membrain makes it easy to successfully execute your sales process and build a platform for predictable and sustainable growth.

Membrain makes it easy for sales teams to execute their sales strategy to achieve consistent sales performance.

The software provides sales professionals with continuous guidance through the entire sales process, while enabling sales leaders to coach their team to a higher level of performance.

Continually optimize your sales execution and elevate your salespeople to become a competitive advantage.

Our Embedded Membrain Services Include

Pipeline & Process Reviews

Every process our clients create demands measurement, tweaking, and review, because that is how one knows the impact of selling behaviours. Are the reps following the process and is it having success? Optimal use of any sales process must have oversight.
Membrain provides unparalleled visibility into the execution of process, it’s effectiveness, and the subsequent pipeline, including weekly or monthly reviews and drill-downs of specific reports and dashboards to illuminate the information you deem most important.

Sales Management Coaching

Membrain houses a treasure trove of information for the manager’s success – above and beyond just the standard sales metrics of pipeline attainment, activity, and revenue attained.
We help sales managers as coaches with the help of Membrain – reviewing sales projects, call records, goal attainment, steps in the process they’ve defined, sales content usage, and even sales rep behavior.
With the information Membrain easily provides, we are able to coach our clients’ sales managers on an ongoing basis on how to improve their individual sales management skills, their interaction with their sales reps, and how they can help their sales reps hit the goals laid out to them.