Our Leaders

We help Business Leaders to achieve their sales goals quicker and more profitably by putting the science into selling and leadership.

Mark Burton-Brown

Managing Director, Engagement partners


Mark founded Engagement Partners in January 2016. Before this, he worked in senior international leadership roles for large multinationals such as Schneider Electric, Rexel, Carter Holt Harvey, and Fonterra.

A great deal of Mark’s leadership “know-how” has come from hands-on experience working and living in countries such as France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. Mark had to manage and engage with very different types of people and teams from different cultures. He also had to lead teams to deliver results in some pretty tough environments. It’s through these experiences that Mark developed a passion for learning how to transform sales results and leaderships performance.

Please feel welcome to contact Mark for a confidential chat about how Engagement Partners could help you to achieve your sales goals quicker and more profitably.


Deb Chambers

Client Services Manager, Engagement partners


Deb earned her customer service stripes working in various industries internationally, including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. These diverse opportunities have enabled Deb to sharpen her client services skills and advance her passion for customer service.

Professionalism and motivation are chief among Deb’s attributes. She adopts an energetic, organised, and can-do attitude to every task set before her; an approach that has proven valuable not only to her clients but also her colleagues.

Deb finds value in the pillars of support and teamwork in the workplace and adopts these in her day-to-day duties and supporting her clients. Never one to leave a job unfinished, Deb is also conscientious, reliable and proactive.


Logan Burton-Brown

Content and marketing specialist, Engagement partners


Logan is a film school graduate with a passion for creativity and producing meaningful content, he utilises his skills to support the constant evolutionary growth of the Engagement partners brand.

His responsibilities involve the management of social media, website design and functionality, marketing campaigns, content creation and IT management.

Logan is a keen musician and is currently studying Psychology and Philosophy at the university of Auckland.



Blair Stevenson

Cheif Executive, Brava


Blair is the founder and Chief Executive of Brava Ltd. For the past 19 years, he has helped organisations improve business performance by growing the leadership effectiveness of their managers.

He has extensive experience in creating significant performance improvement for a wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Blair has gained unparalleled insight into what works, and what doesn’t. These insights have driven the development of BravaTrak®.

Blair received his BA in Psychology from the University of Otago.