6 Key Benefits A Sales Process Will Bring To Your Organisation.

Written by Mark Burton-Brown

Mark founded Engagement Partners in January 2016. Before this, he worked in senior international leadership roles for large multinationals such as Schneider Electric, Rexel, Carter Holt Harvey, and Fonterra.

The vast majority of businesses we come into contact with (around 90%) either do not have a sales process or believe that the process they do have is effective (when in reality it’s the opposite).

Our own comprehensive research shows that only 3% of people and 4% of sales managers have a milestone-centric, effective sales process that mirrors the behavior of their top performers in the field.

We have identified six key benefits that a sales process can bring to your organization. A sales process is important because it provides:

  1. A framework for consistent results
  2. The same rules for all sales staff
  3. Accountability to the right activities
  4. Increased productivity
  5. A clear coaching framework
  6. Greater pipeline accuracy

An effective sales process is an important piece of the sales puzzle. Without it, your sales culture will always have gaps and missed opportunities.

Due to lack of process, salespeople struggle to meet their targets and managers face pressure from the top of the organization.

Everything, in sales management, wraps around the process. Once you understand how important the sales process is, you will start to make sure it is implemented effectively and adhered to at all times.

Realizing its importance will give you the energy you need to lead by example and champion the process throughout your business.


If you would like to discuss how we could help you to develop your own customer centric sales process and grow your sales, please feel welcome to contact us at Engagement Partners.