Have you run an Employee Engagement survey in your organisation and found engagement to be lower than you would like? 

If so, it’s highly likely that you’re experiencing lower levels of productivity and profitability, and higher levels of absenteeism and staff turnover. How much is this costing your organisation?


Research from Gallup indicates that the leadership performance of managers is the greatest driver of employee engagement – managers being responsible for at least 70% of the variance in engagement scores across business units.

When organisations take action on the employee engagement data they gather, they usually focus on the drivers which have limited impact on engagement – those that only influence up to 30% of the variance in engagement scores.

These include remuneration, internal communication, team building, and making sure staff have the right equipment.

Do you need help to increase employee engagement across your organisation?


We help to improve the “on the job” leadership behaviours and performance of your managers – the greatest driver of employee engagement.

We get results fast by focusing on the effectiveness of your managers which directly and positively impacts upon the employees.

We utilise BravaTrak® to provide you with the right data and process.

BravaTrak® is a proven process that has been utilised by organisations across Australia and New Zealand since 2004.

We help CEO’s and Boards to improve employee engagement, fast!


Organisations with consistently high employee engagement are successful businesses.

Gallup has found business units in the top-quartile of engagement, compared with those in the bottom quartile, have greater profitability, are more productive and encounter less absenteeism and turnover.


Ernst & Young found that Australian workers could be 21% more productive every day. Poor management and lack of motivation are the top two factors that workers blame for holding them back.


Don't let your business become a statistic. Contact us to today to see how we can help.